Wednesday, January 02, 2008

About 10+3i

There are two roads we choose, one in company; another in solitude.

We work for sheer pleasure. We have started small, and are still too small to be called a real company. Our achievements however, belie something much more. Our work till now -

Ray Of Good Hope - One minute film on fighting blindness.

Broken Threads -Documentary On Child Labour

Ek Sapna Lekar - Campus Song/ Music Video

de Young Basanti - Documentary To Understand The Mindset Of The Youth

Over And Out - Campaign Against Drunken Driving.

Our work mantra : When you work with your heart, the brain usually helps.

We also run the world's best blahg and the world's best blawg.

Origin of 10+3i

(From this blog post dated February 26, 2006)

Well,10+3i is an aspiring movie production company currently based in Surat,because the person who started this nonsense is currently doing engineering at NIT,Surat.

This menace began because Nikhil's uncle gifted him a handycam on his birthday and a few idiots around him like this guy and this guy encouraged him in his noble endeavour to wreck havoc on people around him.Matters are made worse with the entry of jobless fools like Yugank and Kunaal.With another devil called the internet aiding them, they plan to spread this disease to people far and wide. If you've read this till now, you are 67% infected.At this point, if you contact a pediatrician, there are 89% chances of you being treated and cured. If you are really intent on dying,read on.

But why 10+3i?

Nikhil happens to love his college a lot . So he gave a very 'engineering sounding complex name'.That is what people said when he thought of this name.That made him very happy and he decided to stick with that name.The reason being, it sounded like an 'engineering name'. Finally he had done something that had something to do with engineering. What if it is only in his final year?!

On a more serious note,here's reason and it is not all that complex.Nikhil's college is at a distance of 10 kilometers from the railway station.So, that explains the 10. It is situated near Ichchhanath,a Shiva temple.Now,Shiva has three eyes. That, accounts for the 3i. Just to appear a bit 'fundoo', he put in the '+' and made it to a complex number and give it an engeering connotation.Simple?Fundoo?Complex?.You decide.

We have already finished two projects.

1.A humorous(?) public service ad 'Over and Out' about drinking and driving.I mean,drinking and not driving.

2.A documentary 'de Young Basanti' on the movie Rang De Basanti, its effect on the youth, their views on the movie and India.What according to them are the problems plaguing India and what they plan to do for the country.

More details on these to follow soon.

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