Thursday, September 20, 2007

Over And Out - The Campaign Against Drunken Driving

This is how it all began. This was 10+3i's first project. Shot in Hostel number 6 of NIT, Surat on a very busy Sunday afternoon. Busy everyone was, with sleeping. I had just got my camera then and this idea struck me.

Bowler : Ashish Interpretor Vidyarthi
Batsman: Ankush Boss Jamadagni
Wicket-keeper: Vishal Pong Pandit

Hot Tea Party

Concept Note: Hot Tea Party is a party set up to promote the habit of drinking tea while it is hot. The inspiration to this came from the fact that tea served to me in the office always used to get cold and I never drank it while it was hot. So this campaign was created to serve as a reminder of that fact.