Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ray of Good Hope

Enthusiasm is the first ingredient for any recipe in this idea house. And our Avinash Katkoju has loads of it. 10+3i presents to you one of its project, a short one minute film- Ray Of Hope.

You can also find it here.
Shot with a motive of underplaying or overcoming a natural shortcoming in humans 'blindness'. It is a short and simple clip which leaves a strong message behind in a spectators mind. It shows that a man being blind is not really his inability or excuse for not being able to accomplish tasks people like us who can watch this video or read this post can easily do. Indeed its a challenge to cross the hurdle and leap across to the winning side. The character is shown to do exactly the same.
The movie is only one minute long and is able to capture the whole essence of its aim in totality. The theme of photo shoot is captured very well and it ends with a very good note.
Avniash was associated with us in making of our last venture Broken Threads as well and has shown great interest in movie making. He is also to unwrap and execute his new plan very soon which again will reach all of you through 10+3i.